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Since more than one year, the Ebola-virus has a hold on Africa. Although the virus is only present in 3 out of the 56 African countries, tourists, investors and consumers avoid regions even far away from the affected countries, which has a devastating economic impact. In order for Africa to be able to flourish again, it is time to remind the world of the beauty and economic  potential Africa has to offer. This website wants to raise awareness about the wrong perceptions that are negatively affecting one of the biggest continents in the world. We encourage you to do the same. Help us rebuild the image of this stunning continent.

Africa is not only Ebola. AFRICA IS NOT EBOLA.

Our ambassadors
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    Fokko Doyen

    MD-11F Flottenchef Lufthansa Cargo

    "For me as a captain it's hard to understand the hysteric reaction of so many Europeans. I did three relief flights with freighters to Sierra Leone during the most significant period of Ebola. As all processes during transit were well organized and we had our own maintenance and loading team with us we never got into direct contact with locals. And even more important: Never ever there was a chance to get in contact with infected people at the aircraft. But nevertheless: colleges of mine told me not to shake hands for the following four weeks! This is just hysteric – nothing else."

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    Amos Wekesa

    CEO of Great Lakes Safaris

    Africa is my home and a place that I am proud to be. Africa is big and breadth. It is the birthplace of men. As a host to the longest river in the world, its span is immense and diverse from tropical Lake Victoria to the Rwenzori snowcapped mountains. Probably one of the most multifarious continents. Great weather, great people and great fertile land with pockets of abundant minerals. And yes Africa is not Ebola!

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    Bernard Gustin

    CEO Brussels Airlines

    "Africa is close to our heart. As a consequence, we cannot accept the wrong perception most have about this fascinating continent. Yes, there are unfortunately three countries that are hit by the Ebola-virus and yes, even if the situation is going into the right direction, we have to continue to support them; but there is much more about this wonderful and diverse continent of 54 independent countries and 1.1 billion citizens, like discovering breathtaking sceneries, wonderful people and many different cultures."

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    Peter Piot

    Microbiologist, discovered the Ebola virus in the '70s

    "There is an epidemic of Ebola in West Africa and then there is a second epidemic, an epidemic of mass hysteria. I am convinced that we can make the West-African countries Ebola free. Fighting against the mass hysteria epidemic is the most difficult task."

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    Athar Husain Khan

    CEO Association of European Airlines

    "Having grown up in North Africa, and having had the pleasure to travel extensively to the continent both for professional and personal reasons, Africa is very close to my heart. The Association of European Airlines strongly supports the 'Africa is not Ebola' campaign. Let's work together on changing the perception of this beautiful continent."

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    Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

    Aviation and travel blogger

    "'While the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was no doubt tragic and costly in terms of human lives and the economic damage done to the economies of the affected countries, the global outbreak of hysteria and the initial world reaction was equally tragic. At a time when Africa needed immediate help and assistance the entire continent was ostracized and shunned and even when aid and assistance started to flow, months too late I should add, was the name Africa still equated with Ebola. I am grateful for the 'Africa Is Not Ebola' campaign because it helps to finally put things into the right perspective and tell the world the real story ."

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    "Je viens ni du tiers-monde ni de la terre d'Ebola. Je viens du berceau de l'humanité..."

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    Ozark Henry


    "A Nigerian proverb says 'in the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams', let's not be foolish, Africa is not Ebola."

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    Angelique Kidjo


    "Ebola has brought back the fears and fantasies of Africa as the Heart of Darkness and the fearmongering about the disease threatens to reverse decades of progress for Africa's image. Africa, our motherland, deserves better than to be dehumanized by our ignorance and our fear."

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    Bob Verbeeck

    CEO Golazo

    "Africa is a big smile, a warm welcome, an authentic place on this planet. When you visit this continent with an open mind, you become Africa. I am Africa. I have visited the continent over 60 times in the last 25 years, and Africa has given me and my family true friendships and lots of laughter."

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    Geert Noels

    Economist and co-founder of Econopolis

    "Africa has the size of the US, China, India, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the whole Eastern Europe, The UK ànd Belgium combined. Ignorance about its size is only surpassed by ignorance about the presence of Ebola in this beautiful continent. This terrible disease is only present in a small part of this huge content. Furthermore, the outbreak has passed its peak, and new cases are falling rapidly. The probability to be run over by a car in Belgium is many times higher than to be a victim of this terrible disease in Africa. Ignorance feeds fear. Knowing the facts gives you confidence to drive a car, take a plane, and visit a beautiful continent like Africa. Because Africa is not Ebola."

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    Jacques Borlée

    Father and coach of World class athletes Kevin, Jonathan and Olivia Borlée

    "Africa is the continent of the future. Thanks to the internet technology, they will soon get the best courses of European and American professors and their knowledge and education will significantly improve in the next 50 years. Don't abandon them in the meantime, you will miss the charm of these people and their joies de vivre."

How can you help?

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